Our steps




The first thing is that you send us your request by mail, either for management, to apply for funds or to submit projects. We will analyze your request and give you a quote for our services, for immediate execution or to include in your applications.

When you approve the quote, our team develops a strategy for your project and we begin to get to work. It is very important that you know that we will require regular meetings and a lot of communication to achieve a good project.

And finally, the requested products or services will be delivered to you, always keeping you with access to all the files and movements that involve your project in order to have a clear and transparent service.


With 100% eligibility in 2020 applications and won in Culture projects for Casona Y, Marmota Studio, TV + (Robinsones), etc. We have several years of experience. We have been hired by various personalities such as Leonardo Farkas, public entities such as INJUV, I. ​​Muni. from Ñuñoa or private companies such as Marmota Studio, Planet Kids and artists such as Fabrizio Copano, Margus, Fernando Milagros, Fernanda Frik, as well as organizations such as Casona Y and others.


We provide services associated with management, communications, advice on applications and creative project management, providing solutions to micro, small and medium-sized companies such as budgeting, production designs or operations flow, work schedules, cash flows, management of payments, renditions, press management, spokespersons, financing strategies and everything that is necessary to carry out your projects successfully.




The creative sector is fascinating, it is full of people who are passionate and in love with what they do. However, when we talk about running their businesses, most look up at the sky and sigh. We know that managing projects can be a headache for them. That is why we exist, we want creative talents not to lose focus and let us do what we love.