"The most important thing for us is that businesses are more than simple businesses, we want them to be a contribution to culture, art, society, education, the environment and finally, to make a better world than we found it . " (Maru, Director)

Our company is constantly evolving, so it is a bit difficult to talk about us without looking like a pre-assembled text, but the truth is that in our evolution we have always had a soul focused on the development and management of creative projects. Like all companies we have had ups and downs, we started by producing massive events, then managing complex production and import projects from China. We spent time on tenders and it was excellent, but the constant interaction with creative teams made us detect a need that we could fulfill: it is that nobody liked the management aspects of the projects, but we loved it! ! (and we still love it). Managing communications, press, project management, defining strategies, designing productions, optimizing them and everything that creative talents did not like to do. We discovered that there was also creativity when it came to thinking about business models, inventing strategies and we fell in love with it. Today, Hera Management travels the world supporting companies, projects and personalities in their growth, representing them, managing them, positioning them and even giving them financial tools when they do not have them. All in order for us to complement each other and help creativity take business.